Les Ambassadeurs
A Dream Wedding

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel rises on a private beach meeting the sea. As the sunlight filtering from the sky dances with thousands of shades of blue, you and your loved ones will witness an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Experiencing special moments with your wedding guests in this magnificent view is just one of the features that distinguishes Les Ambassadeurs Hotel from others.


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Les Ambassadeurs
Feast of Taste

The special restaurants of Les Ambassadeurs Hotel, which will leave the taste of your wedding on your palate, open a new dimension in gastronomy.

The menus carefully prepared by our chefs will leave unforgettable marks on the palate.

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel turns your wedding into a gastronomic feast with romantic dinners, delicious celebrations and special cakes.

Les Ambassadeurs
Address of Entertainment and Dance

Later in the night, the entertainment world of Les Ambassadeurs Hotel awaits you.

You will experience an unforgettable wedding party with your loved ones in venues full of stylish bars, live music performances and dance floors.

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel, which multiplies the value of every moment, takes entertainment to the top.

Les Ambassadeurs
A Night Full of Unforgettable Memories

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel goes beyond being the perfect venue for special wedding events.

Your wedding will turn into a night full of unforgettable memories at this hotel, surrounded by the sea, full of delicious feasts and taking you to the peak of entertainment.

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel, where love, luxury and magnificence meet, is ready to host the beginning of your fairy tale!